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With rich experience, industry expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment, MOKO is your
go-to electronic manufacturing services partner in China.

MOKO: A Leading EMS Provider in China

MOKO is China’s leading electronic manufacturing service provider, we help you turn your ideas into reality. We are not just an electronics manufacturer, but more importantly, we are your strategic business partner, working closely with you throughout your project, from engineering to manufacturing and after-sales service.

You can always count on us for high-quality and cost-effective electronics manufacturing services. Our turnkey service allows us to complete your project in a short time, while in-house manufacturing allows us to control quality and cost to a great extent.

One-stop Electronic Manufacturing Services

From concept designing, engineering, and prototyping, to production runs and after-sales services, we provide one-stop electronics manufacturing services to turn your ideas into products on the shelf.


MOKO is certificated with the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, RoHS, and UL listed, we are always committed to stringent quality control.

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