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MOKO offers mechanical design solutions that can improve your company’s market competitiveness and set you apart from others.

What Is Mechanical Design?

Mechanical design is a process that involves conceptual analysis of the working principle, structure, force and energy transmission method, material, shape and size of the machine, and transforming it into a specific manufacturing method. The object of mechanical design can be parts, products and systems, from the product shells to the internal structure.
It aims to design the best machine under the limited conditions such as materials, processing capabilities, theoretical knowledge and calculation methods by optimizing the current design or creating new a design. And many things need to be considered during the design, for example, the cost of the project, performance of the machine, and sizes,etc.

Mechanical Design Service at MOKO Technology

As equipment development and development experts, our team has many years of experience in manufacturing process engineering and machine design. Our design engineers have deep domain expertise, use configurators and custom tools to use logic programming to analyze and implement automated modeling, drawing, and documentation processes to speed up project delivery time. We serve customers in various industries and are committed to providing customers with the best solutions to help them enhance their market competitiveness. Our services include but are not limited on:

  • Design concept sketch
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Design automation and CAD customization
  • Optimize design using FEA and CFD solutions
  • Remanufacturing reverse engineering services


Our Mechanical Design Process

Step1: Understanding the Purpose and Needs

First of all, we communicate with our customers to understand and confirm the purpose of designing the machine, on the other hand, we get to know the budget and requirements of the project. This step is key for us to conceive the initial design.

Step2: Initial Design

In this phase, some workable mechanisms would be proposed according to the requirements and purpose of the machine. Then, we would discuss them one by one to find the most suitable one. At the same time, the working principle and basic structural form would be confirmed, and a sketch would be drawn by analyzing the forces in the motion of the machine and the different machine elements.

Step3: Modification

Checking each component and assembly of the initial design to see if there is anything that should be modified or improved, especially the details that can decide the work performance of the machine. This step helps us to guarantee the feasibility of the mechanical design before the fabrication.

Step 4: Manufacturing

After checking all aspects of the design, then the part would be manufactured and assembled in our ISO9001 certified factory. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a strict quality control process to ensure a short turnaround time and premium quality.

Three Classifications of Mechanical Design

Adaptive Design

In order to adapt to new requirements and, there are some small modifications of the existing mechanical design needed. Normally, this kind of mechanical design does not require highly skilled designers.

Development Design

Along with the constantly developed technologies, some old or existing machines cannot meet people’s needs well, thus, we need to do some improvements based on it to enhance the work performance and reduce the manufacturing costs. We call such a design as “development design”.

New Design

It refers to a type of mechanical design that applies the new technologies or sciences that have been proved to be feasible to create new machines, which has high requirements for the designers.

Why Choosing MOKO Technology for Mechanical Design?

10+ Years of Experience

With over 10 years of mechanical design and manufacturing experience, MOKO has been providing the mechanical design services to our clients from different industries, we follow the standard of your industry and propose the best mechanical solution.


MOKO owns a proficient R&D team that is composed of about 70 engineers, who are well-educated and have participated in a lot of projects. They provide professional suggestions and help for your mechanical project from the concept design to the initial drawing and final design.

Quality Guaranteed

MOKO Technology has obtained certifications including ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI, and UL, our factory and products are qualified to international standards. What’s more, our quality control department strictly controls each product to ensure that the quality of the products received by our customers is first-class.

Integrity and Confidentiality

Over the years, MOKO has been trusted by many customers as an honest business partner. We abide by business integrity and keep the information of our customers completely confidential. We protect our intellectual property rights and also protect yours.

Mechanical Design Cases

Bluetooth Gateway Plug by Mechanical Design

Bluetooth Gateway Plug

Bluetooth Gateway by Mechanical Design

Bluetooth Gateway

Light Sensor Beacon by Mechanical Design

Keychain beacon

LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

Asset Traking Beacon

Asset Traking Beacon

MK107 gateway

LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor

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