Automotive Electronics Manufacturing

MOKO Technology is committed to providing the best automotive electronics manufacturing service, leveraging our expertise and rich experience in the automotive industry.

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles among the general public, the demand for automotive electronics is experiencing rapid growth. These electronic components, ranging from automotive LED lighting to sensors and audio equipment, play a crucial role in their seamless operation.
The automotive industry imposes stringent requirements on electronic products, necessitating compliance with the highest quality standards to ensure safety and reliability. At MOKO Technology, we specialize in delivering top-notch electronic manufacturing services to automobile companies, placing a strong emphasis on quality. Our meticulous attention to detail, extensive project experience, and professional knowledge enable us to provide customers with automotive electronics manufacturing services that are highly reliable and cost-effective.

Our Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Services

Design and Engineering​ for electronics

Design and Engineering

• PCB Design
• Free DFM Check
• BOM Review
• Rapid Prototyping

Advanced Electronic Manufacturing ​

Advanced Electronic Manufacturing

• PCB Manufacturing
• PCB Assembly
• Integrated Manufacturing
• Cable Wire Harness Assembly
• Electromechanical Assembly

Testing and Inspection​ for electronics

Testing and Inspection

• Incoming Quality Control
• Customized Electronic Testing
• EMC Test
• Functional Test
• Sampling Audit

Value Added Services​ for electronics manufacturing service

Value Added Services

• Component Sourcing
• Supply Chain Management
• Logistics
• Product Certification Assistance

Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities at MOKO

Manufacturing Capabilities Overview 

• 13000 square meters production area
• 100% ESD components control
• 5 SMT lines+ 3 DIP lines
• 30,000 square meter PCB Per Month
• 100,000,000 Units of PCB Assembly Per Month
• CNC 5-Axis, 7-Axis, and Multi-Axis Machining
• Laser Welding
• Ultrasonic Welding
• Fusion of many materials – metals and plastics
• Hermetic Enclosure Capabilities
• Injection Molding
• 3D Printing


• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• ISO 13485
• UL
• RoHS …

Why Choose MOKO Technology

Quality Assurance

MOKO adheres to strict manufacturing standards, conducts rigorous testing, and has robust quality control processes in place. Working with us can help ensure that you receive high-quality, durable, and reliable automotive electronics.

Stable Supplier Network

Our stable and complete supplier network allows us to get superior raw materials and components at lower costs. The automotive industry is affected largely due to the lack of key components, while our reliable suppliers ensure that we can get sufficient materials.

Knowledge and Expertise

Benefiting from nearly 20 years of experience, we have the comprehensive knowledge and expertise required to manufacture superior automotive electronics. Our services range from engineering, and manufacturing, to assembly and testing.

Competitive Prices

Our in-house manufacturing and assembly enable us to control both the cost and quality, our top-notch automated equipment can improve productivity and reduce labor costs, hence, we can offer cost-effective products to our clients.


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