LED PCB Assembly

MOKO provides a one-stop LED PCB assembly service covering component sourcing, design, PCB assembly, and testing.

Professional LED PCB Assembly Supplier

MOKO is a leading PCB assembly supplier with nearly 20 years in this field. With our rich experience and expertise, we are trusted by customers from different industries such as smart agriculture, commercial and medical. We provide customized LED PCB assembly solutions, from LED PCB design, prototyping, and manufacturing, to assembly and testing, our one-stop service enables us to quickly deliver products to customers while ensuring quality, helping customers enter the market faster.

LED PCB Assembly Services at MOKO Technology

Our Capabilities

MOKO has all the capabilities required for PCB assembly, providing customers with the best and most efficient services:

• Board Types: Rigid, flexible, Rigid-Flex PCBs, single-layer, multi-layer LED PCB
• PCB Assembly Technologies: Surface Mount Technology, Through Hole Technique, Mixed PCBA Technology
• PCB Cores: FR-4, aluminum laminated with copper, epoxy
• Surface Finish: HALS/HALS lead-free, Chemical Gold, electroless silver, Chemical tin, Immersion gold, etc.
• Dielectric Thermal Conductivity: 1-30 W/mk
• Circuit Layer: 1.4Mil (.0014″)
• Copper Thickness: 0.5 to 4.0oz

Why Choose Us

Strict Quality Control

We strictly monitor the entire production process and conduct 100% testing to ensure that the LED PCBAs delivered to customers meet the highest quality standards.

One-stop Service

From material procurement, and PCB design to prototyping, assembly, and testing, MOKO provides customers with one-stop PCB assembly services.

100% Original LED Chip

We cooperate with many famous led chip factories such as CREE, Samsung, Osram, and Lumileds, which can guarantee our LED chips are 100% original.

On-time Delivery

Our state-of-the-art facilities and streamlined in-house manufacturing processes enable us to deliver products to our customers on time.

 LED PCB Assembly Process

LED PCB Assembly Process

Applications of LED PCB

MOKO serves customers in different industries, providing highly reliable and innovative LED PCBs for various applications:
• Horticulture light LED PCBA
• LED controller PCBA
• Computer LED display and indicators
• LED lights for medical use
• Automotive LED PCBs include PCBs for brake lights and headlights
• Street lighting
• Flashlights and camping accessories
• Traffic light
• Commercial lighting…

applications of LED PCBA

Proven LED PCBA Cases at MOKO

LED PCBA for Street Light
LED PCBA for Street Light
LED PCBA for 3D Printer
LED PCBA for 3D Printer
LED PCBA With Cree LED Chip
LED PCBA With Cree LED Chip

Start Your Next PCB Assembly Project with MOKO Technology !

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